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We’ve taken over Atkinson Walker Saws.

And this means Atkinson Walker Saws have a new address…


Where can
you find us?

Something you may have not known is that Sheffield Industrial Saws has taken over Atkinson Walker Saws during 2018.

We would like to inform all our customers Atkinson Walker Saws have moved to a new address (Sheffield Industrial Saws Address) and to please use this for all future correspondence.

Great news - it’s under 10 minutes drive from our old premises.

Sheffield Industrial Saws & Atkinson Walker Saws
Atlas Way, Atlas North, Sheffield, England S4 7QQ


Visit Sheffield Industrial Saws website for more information on our services:


What can
we offer

If you are interested in specific services or products then you may want to visit our other website that offers further details. Here are some helpful links to guide you straight to what you need:

Two of the leading British saw blade manufacturers for over 89 years join forces to give our customers a full portfolio of British made Saws. We are very proud to be still manufacturing industrial quality circular saw blades in Sheffield.

We have the expertise, modern equipment and techniques alongside traditional skills and with our highly skilled workforce, we stand out from other manufacturers when it matters.

We are working hands on with our customer base to make sure the saws are to your needs and standards. That’s why we pay attention to detail in crucial processes, such as saw smithing and grinding - It is very important to get flatness and correct tension to ensure all blades run true, for life and we want our customers to only have the very best quality.

We manufacture a broad range of saw blades for use in various applications from wood plastic, steel and metal cutting. All made using the highest quality steel and tungsten carbide tips available, ensuring they last longer than average saw blades in the market place helping users to save money in the long term. The main users of these saw blades are kitchen fitters, joiners and PVC window/door and furniture manufacturers who appreciate the high quality giving them a fine finish to their work.